Thursday, December 30, 2010

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# 23 Summary of 2010 in an incomprehensible manner.

January 2010: In the first hours of the year, lying with someone's head sunk between vertebrae of the spine, at about 10 morning. Do not tighten the slow leak of water adventures next snowflakes, bizarre incidents, laughter, and tears, but happy.
February 2010: overcooked in a metal cup thought complemented the desire to get rid of snow outside the window. Moving a wooden bench silver dish excitement grew with each approaching the tape measure to an imaginary pen to paper odfajkowania important steps for me then.
March 2010: the piercing delicate greenish creatures, brought with them the characteristic smell of early spring. Trembling legs as hard as rock excavation drifts. A time for change came ...
April 2010: I sat at a table with an egg in his hand, drew with precision and accuracy of Easter designs and then put it in a basket, sending a kiss to the church is a small child. Still nothing happened, and my worthy of your attention.
May 2010: The sun rays were killing the windows of the house, as if trying to escape. Pulses were getting stronger.
June 2010: at the very beginning everyone was preparing for that day when you hear the "end". And with a smile on his face coming home with the knowledge that tomorrow will be able to wake up whenever you want. Unfortunately, I still need to wait for this moment. Torn by thoughts, stress and rage of the day was getting stronger, the focus was increasing. It worked.
July 2010: Now is the moment in which clicking the "send" I had no awareness of what happens in a few days. I went to Krakow, with the rest enjoyed the time, as always. Described earlier visit to the oracle came when I left I did not believe that he was alive. Could life be so amazingly beautiful?
August 2010: The first phone brought with it the excitement and the desire to experience this adventure with modeling. I unleashed the demon, mixing relationships in my unconsciously designed product.
September 2010: Orders and feelings. and it became - I started. In private life, much has changed, sometimes not necessarily for the better.
October 2010: Sense. Metamorphosis. Abstract. Relation. Smile. Sadness. Anger, Joy, and millions of others.
November 2010: DopieszczaƂem every kilometer of life film. Sometimes the desire to escape from reality was so strong that the aforementioned cup of hot metal to red tick is not allowed. They say that laughter is healthy.
December 2010: The outbreak is beyond belief. Crushed this imaginary piece of paper. Time to live the truth.


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