Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Do You Hack An Account On I Dressup

The thin line connecting the snail's mucus and my person did not even budge. Dates supposedly meaningless apart from each other for miles together in some way tangled knot. It easily swallowed, wandering to the next, an imaginary stomach, created confusion, breaking up all that it encounters in its path. Its aim is to win. Clench their teeth, opened her eyes wide and glides with grace on a thin layer of exaggeration. From time to time turns looking at whether the competitor does not want to digest more quickly braked, all of us tiring of the coating. Accelerating the awareness of life lost turning into a real product of intolerable and untouchable. Wraps the ribs, vertebrae and pelvis. Asleep waiting for the psychedelic sounds coming from the right pocket. Every day tomorrow dissolves his dominion over her own body. Doing everything to "Today" was better, more fruitful, enjoyable. Descend to the water shell of delight when I see shining around the moon and starlight black. I mix all the time in a long-engraved porcelain dish constituents of life removed from the other shelves, different houses, dissimilar cities and then pouring it yourself dissolving the face and awareness of one's existence.


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