Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cons About Organ Sales

One of the greatest albums of the eighties, never sufficiently recognized, is the "Midnight Shift" Dislocation Dance, one of the many combos of elegant, polished pop that filled the stage Islands British in the early eighties. That album was the pinnacle in the career of a group that started in the plumbing of the post-punk, that is, with a rougher sound and imbued with sharp guitars and syncopated rhythms. However, this phase mainly represented by the album "Music music music" despite being taken into consideration, it is little more than anecdotal or even unworthy, for very intense and Roma in the final result, compared to the refined, intuitive and amazing mix of sixties-Bacharach air passed through the filter of Dolly Mixture or Trixie's Big Red Motorbike in the spotlight and dance-pop. What I like to call as 'lunch pop' or songs ideal for a day in the field or barbecue with a private pool.

In this latter nurtured Particles The Australians, with the peculiarity of having begun to do so when they went Dislocation Dance still mulling their "music music music" and had not yet unfolded the wrinkled suit. But why so much interest in coming up with the British to talk about The Particles?. For the first time I heard this, I decided to draw an imaginary perfect discography coupling the complete evolution of Particles (three ep's covering the years 1979 and 1983) and the drive for emancipation the first, eye, 1984. Reasons? Also common influences, many more similarities. The female vocals are surprisingly very similar tone. The use of the trumpet, in the case of Particles from the 3rd ep, "I Luv Trumpet" - against a backdrop of guitars and drums that look neat, if in some cases are not "scheduled. All that and something more, which would lead, to understand from the point of view, Swing Out Sister.

And it can be concluded that The Particles-diluted before in other bands like Cannanies without grace quarter were neither more nor less than Dislocation Dance without more sophisticated, its earliest version and definitely more valid than that of the authors of "I'm doing fine." Would we listen to them to the antipodes to the design of songs like "Show me" or "Violette"?. Either way, an association very nearly frightening.


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