Monday, March 1, 2010

Does Veet Cause Pimples

Russian Gothic Macario (Roberto Gavaldón, 1959) The Particles

Other things perhaps, but the hypocrisy beyond the fair. The Mexican people always had a proud gala algremente ability to live with their dead, as it reflects the epic poem dedicated to Thanatos. Since contact of the ancestral village, long before the transatlantic invasion mixed with the symbolism and the rigor of Christianity, the day of the dead becomes a pagan festival, where the black humor found in it a raft of oil where they can show their most hilarious and lucid, "because we spend more time dead than alive ...."

The extreme
poverty that envelops you the protagonist dreams hyperbolic including: Death, like Saturn devouring his children, "I will remain as a curious lifeline suicide solution: eat a turkey and he just burst until exhaustion in the act . Since that time, ordered him to target a deadly game: to have to bow to external pressures rather than succumb to the temptation bulimic. Beginning with his own offspring, a bunch of stubborn children and merciless, that at times remind others like "The Village of the Damned" or "Who can kill a child?". Save this first hurdle, Macario have to be new dodging temptations of the devil (played in a hilarious villain), the same God (in the shape of an uncertain pilgrim) and, finally, the Wandering Jew or death itself, which will be preceded by a melt function as an illusion stage on the experience of leading lumberjack. A transition that will become hoffmanesco passage (echoes of "The Elixir of the Devil"), Faustian, when the last occurrence, after a difficult Solomonic solution by Macario, gives the gift of healing through the holy water the latter will provide great wealth, though hardly infinite.

From that moment, Macario achieved overcome fears, tight-fisted (represented in a mixer nobility of all wealth) and displace as influential professionals such as doctors and undertakers, which will temporarily unemployed when the verdicts be the salvation of the dying (if the wanderer makes an appearance at the foot of the patient and not the head), and the interest of the church, attracted so much prosperity caused by such a miracle. Too many fireworks to go unpunished before the Inquisition (detailed in a carefully staged: the members of this order will speak at the Castilian of the Skin bull), uncompromising and powerful, which will put a stop to so much suspicion of heresy loose.
Excellent work (which some relate to Buñuel's "Simon of the Desert"), with a final deep and poetic, this meticulous author and academic, which we already have in the room other films mythical Aztec film as "The Goddess kneeling "or" night moves. "


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