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around here is only known, and most of hearsay, being responsible for the arrangements of "Soidemersol" one of the incunabula of English pop music of all time. But it is also responsible for an enormous amount already delicious, and not enough (re)-known albums where it is almost impossible to find potholes. Our favorite chef is one of the most respected and meticulous gourmets indie of any age, holder of any criteria ex-qui-si-to, cuasiperfecto, which continues to be reflected in each and every one of his compositions, whether in English , French are both given.

What follows is a brief review of the bulk of his discography, we need "Nusch" (98), unprecedented in our ears even today, and leave for another occasion his albums for children with multiple aliases. They fly pen annotations not lecturing in no case, "as they are reviewing their work, mixed with some hints and constant Philippe Auclair himself has been spreading its recomendabilísima-www.louisphilippe.co official website. uk, cast a look of favorite foreign songs and deployment pásmense: know it is love. Another of our heroes of beautiful melodies and sparkling as a glass of Bohemia.

Long live pop (hyper) romantic, about the only thing (we) left in this life. Long live Louis Philippe, therefore.

Appointment with Venus (1986)

Although no resemblance to each other, this first solo album by Louis Philippe has indirect connections with the first solo album by Nick Currie, aka Momus ("Circus Maximus "), both of which are published the same year, and both drink mainly from folk-indie-angle only in a few years where style is not happening precisely because one of its most popular moments. And it has connections direct: not in vain Momus himself is charged with collaborating playing and singing backup on three songs. Many future
constant Philippe already reflected in this superb debut: there is room for baroque pop "Man Down The Stairs" or "The Orchard" for a hint of a hit - "Heaven Is Above My Head" - for moments at the piano - "Rescue The Titanic", "Ballad Of Sophie Scholl" - not to mention Mexican echo "Touch Of Evil" and, ultimately, talent for melody and arrangement more sophisticated. Includes the instrumental "Cocktail", which gave name to one of Siesta stamp collections and whose sound also lighter groups like Daily Planet. One of his most important albums and delicious, if not the most.

A year later he published with a different title: "Passport to the Pogie Mountains" in Japan and "Passport to Pamplona" in Spain, the latter through the label, Accidental Records, albeit with a significantly different list, this is , songs and unreleased first album released in single or a demo. Changes in any case not lower the standard, and a lovely "You Mary You" or "The Rubens Room," which became popular, so to speak, one of our favorite heroes, Simon Fisher Turner, better known as The King Of Luxembourg in the disk version of the latter project.

Ivory Tower (1988)

opens with "Guess I'm Dumb", a wonderful song that Brian Wilson gave up in their day to Glen Campbell, Beach Boy provisional. The beatlémana "Mindreader" the jazzy "Ulysses & The Siren 'or' exotic '" Monsieur Leduc "are going away from the folk, but I reaffirm the variety that always characterized. And finally a song so pimpante between ballad and part-time, the appropriately titled "Smash hit wonder", his song 'bubblegum'. Many songs (excellent "Every Word Meant Goodbye" and his small classic "Endless September") and generally very short (with) centered at essential, but endless in its detail. Some with corresponding instrumental version, and "Domenica" passes at the end of the album titled "Simon Bolivar Airport."

Yuri Gagarin (1989)

point in time ("Diamond", "Sunday Morning Camden Town", "Another Boy") to what he remembers most is Microdisney. Okay, not the ferocity of Cathal Coughlan, but with the elegance to make urgent pop from silk impregnated knew how well the Irish in those years, especially from "Croock Mile." Not surprisingly, Louis Philippe himself has taken care to confess on occasion, he was convinced that would be Microdisney the group that changed the world, but at least he changed his. His song star, the most immediate, is "Jean And Me." With this album he closes his tenure Records, the first stage decade and artistic absolutely essential.

Rainfall (1991) Philippe

decade premieres and concept. A film especially hard, making use of "Sirens Call" (already included in their first album) and the Wilsonian "I Just Was not Made For These Times" as a flag for a disk in the antithesis of the immediate, with the piano -courtesy of his squire Dean Brodrick-usual and affection for the game voices driving house brand the ship. The exceptions are in the end, with electronics "Chelsea Bridge", full of rhythm changes, or the gospel "The Corncible Dance" or "Shoot", which mixes with raggtime Indian sound, among other niceties. A slip?. No, just the true example of an author with a unique personality and undeniable and eager to expand horizons.

Jean Renoir (1992)

African Rhythms and rowing for the marriage chanson open this disc picks up where it had been the thing in "Rainfall." Apparently, for "Lazy Inglés Sun" has a more immediate vein-ergo-bump all the old disk. "True Men" drink of the soul-pop of the mid- eighties, "Hunters" of jazz-pop atmosphere and overall good flavor part of the standard disk-reinvented the "Tout Bas" from Kurt Weill or "Nowhere Square" -. As a bonus a "Eusebio" that it would have liked to sign then, and always-on Green Gartside, Scritti Politti chief. Such was the pitcher to the source: Cathal Coughlan collaboration with vocals in "True Men" and "Hunters."

Delta Kiss (1993)

After what were probably two disks that two separate approaches to land accounted for less predictable and more self-contemplation by, becomes the pop fantasy. Starting from the long shadow of XTC on "Wonder-full" that looks like a bonus track from the superb "Nonsuch", not to mention the chorus of "Anna's Garden" or "Wichi Tai To"-sediment-folkie, it could have been included without any problem "Inglés Settlement" or "Mummer ". "" Jealous "could be a perfect cross between Pet Shop Boys and The Blue Nile. More chanson -" L'Aventure "- more exotic -" Haida "- or" shibuya sound 'in French - "A Paris" -. One of his best and most complete records.

Sunshine (1994)

Much of the blame for the inaccurate assessment that tends to be the music of Louis Philippe's has a record as "Sunshine." link it unconsciously the 'easy-listening', and although it has been practiced throughout his career at specific times, his music is much richer and more expansive than the label of yore. In fact, as had happened before and as we shall see in later productions, his records often are not exactly of 'easy listening'.
However, there is "Sunshine" to show your profile 'cocktail', more accessible. "Raffaella" is perhaps the most rhythmic song I'd ever done. The tricks of Carl Tjader or Nelson Riddle delicious hog few songs a particularly bright disk (hence the title), one of the ideals for start. XTC spirit returns to be evident in "Roll Back The Years" or "Bus # 13", the Gainsbourg in "L'hiver Je Va Bien" and Jobim's in Our Beat Can Wait ".

Let's Pretend (1995)

As the subtitle of the album is a compilation that includes all the recordings, dating between 1985 and 1986 and in strict lo-fi, the previous group in which militated Philippe, The Arcadians. That is, the only LP, "Mad Mad World", a Christmas song, a bé face unprecedented and "Angelica My Love", which became part of his first solo album. The songs are all formidable, impossible to highlight some respect other-and from the early stages we notice the melodic mastery stratospheric Louis Philippe, where his scholastic fervor is now fully consolidated. Essential.

Jackie Girl (1996)

The influence of the Swindon-that is, XTC, is growing so exponentially, there are "Mr. Songbird" and "Teacher's Pet" which could be the initial volume of "Apple Venus", an "Everyday Gone By" in line "Orange & Lemons" or that "Oiseau De Paradis" which refers to the days of "Black Sea" - that is not going to be a choice Auclair to count himself Dave Gregory (the "third" XTC) as a guest star on another disk changed, perhaps the only truly known in our country by distributing the Madrid label Siesta. "She Means Everything To Me" has that 'girl in the Attic' as The Lilac Time, while "La Pointe Du Jour" pull-back-of instrumental à la Jobim. " Bacharach is present in "Il Ne Reste Plus Rien De L'Ete", and "Venus" sets the sunny sky, with that tempo teenager as the late fifties. In these, "Deauville" or own "Girl In The Attic" advocate orientation next album, truffle and dramatic string arrangements.

Azure (1998)

Perhaps his most hard dark, harmonically and structurally complex, also one of the most ambitious. At the height of the melomanía and the ultimate in connection with XTC, Auclair includes a "super-version of the immeasurable," I Can not Own Her "... One year before XTC own government advertising in the first "Apple Venus"!. Just for this great honor deserves very much disk space, but there are more reasons to come to him as the glorious "Peace At Last", "Break" (very Brel) or the playful "An Ordinary Girl" (reminiscent of The Divine Comedy).

9th & 13th (2002) Released

really on behalf of the novelist Jonathan Coe contains variations on well-known songs as "Rise Fires And Die" (already included above under "Appointment With Venus") or a "Destination Moon" (from "Kiss Delta") which are added extracts 'spoken-word' by Coe , as in much of the rest of the disc (as the best example there is the very "9th & 13th," extensive and non-network). Beautiful Victorian passages in "Une Courte Promenade À Bicyclette." Interesting but a bit difficult, is primarily aimed at experienced adventurers, complete and obsessive fans.

My Favourite Part of You (2003)

After Twilight Tone "Azure", return to the lightness and effervescence. "My Favourite Part Of You" is a breath of fresh air really exciting, sensual, soulful and infectious. Possibly with "Appointment with Venus", "Yuri Gagarin" and "Delta Kiss", the best record. "Cicely" is perhaps the song that gravitates toward the disk, because of a chorus and diamond brand. But the jewel in the crown is at the end: "Lucia" is my favorite song of Philippe, a vigorous and exciting piece that ends in abduction even many minutes after shutdown in memory. As they say, song of life.

The Wonder of it All (2004)

What can we say, but only is listening to the title song of the album?, because that Auclair still going strong, straight into a quiet maturity about his intentions to improve, as heady as in "A Wiser Fool." The folk cointreau "This Puzzle Of Mine", this nostalgia for "Songs like these" (guilty in much of the sober tone of the same ex-Microdisney and High Llamas Sean O'Hagan) are good evidence of the endless instinct the beauty of our main protagonist. Want to tropical rhythms?, Hang on to his raft, "An Ordinary Street."

An Unknown Spring (2007)

The "Smile" particular of Louis Philippe. A symphony woven with care, respect and not low sensitivity. In line with atmospheric pungency "Azure" with surprises, scenic choirs, various registry changes within the same song - "The Hill And The Valley" - in short, everything needed to build a great little pop epic, not free at any time classical vacuum. Huge worlds tablets in three minutes. Highlight: "When The Love Has Gone." Pure epic.


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