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Troubled Waters (André De Toth, 1944) Gangway

One of the attractions of some noir of the forties is the substitution of certain values \u200b\u200bof the horror films of the past decade, declining after the overexploitation of its archetypes. Thus, until the arrival of new waves of regeneration cinephile (science fiction of the 50's, the Hammer and the resurgence of the suspense of the sixties in England, to name a few), the decade in which it takes place "Dark Waters" will serve as the keeper of specific ingredients of terror "universal" but more subtle ways, evading planes and holding mostly evident in these arguments detective, "Black", to exit the innermost fears and innuendo.

Before turning to the story "of the Wax Museum of Wax" and engage in the final stretch of his career in countless westerns, André De Toth, also known as the Pirate, held this discrete-to-tape criticism of bad dreams , obsession, suspicion and dark poetry. A young survivor of the sinking of a boat where their parents have died, after a season recovering in the hospital, going to meet with relatives who do not know and who are currently the only lifeline after the debacle. De Toth's move to the muddy and unpredictable estates of Louisiana, in a peaceful atmosphere as false as the behavior of each inhabitants of the house will go to meet these guys away. Metaphor for the often confusing and inconsistent target of a cinematographic work as André, free soul in the rigorous structure of Hollywood.

The key to the film is no longer in the outcome to both wrong, in so much distress and discomfort, but in the sense that not even the doctor who seeks the star, another defenseless Rebecca helpless, and that behaves like a guardian angel during the whole film seems to clean wheat. Not so fortunately, even in this rather open end where the ambiguity of the physician remains intact.

"Have you ever been to a funeral in which the officiant forget the sermon?, Have you been?. And that the person who was next to die, and cast overboard, and that his only thought was that there is more water to drink?. And he will not mind if she was dead, and a sailor to stand up and say, "Oh, God, give this soul to your care." And he could not remember. And then the man beside him said, "... to the depths ...." Someone had died. "
question is what the protagonist looking at the camera at the beginning of the tape and, in a Machiavellian and vicious circle closing, it seems to restore De Toth in the last scene of the film. That's what makes "Troubled Waters" a psychological thriller more than respectable, rewarding and effective. It is also a compelling roster of actors, with both his office as director, a script outline but well shaped and seamless, a haunting atmosphere, can feel endless mosquitoes and lianas that are confused by the swamp-and Photography effective, there is nothing like one last suggestion before the credits: it could always be another movie.


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