Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I Take A Bath If I Have A Plantar Wart

# 24 Short and to the subject

After the break, I'll be back - otherwise, each made aware of his actions. Continuous transformations destroy the harmony of which the surface was messing up earlier, only a handful of black, stylish pea. Notebook callled I try to fill in the future, so he called the success of a pen, and then close it in the drawer of one of the shelves already in your own four corners. Obscure, but the atmosphere created by me. Sipping green tea with raspberry syrup in the company of inspiring solitude I step on the creaky floor, the smell of Narcotic old furniture. I embrace your ears to the music, myself and a big blanket, and decorate your face a smile, knowing that nothing is out of control. I was filled with the joy of falling asleep due to independence, which she does not let me suffer, deepening in his false theory of my mental life as well as defeat. Despite the negative signs that should not exist not to mention sending them to other people I do not think it would be a bad choice on her part, and nobody and nothing would be affected in such a radical change. Thus to say that feelings are at stake, which is nice, but to my complete happiness is not needed.


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