Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Did Vegeta End Up With Bulma

Case of a madman, August Strindberg

"I am violent, where relevant, but never vulgar. Mato, but not hurt. Loose the right word for that matter, but I will not separate these surreptitiously collecting words, invented myself my wits, illuminated at random, caused by the situation, but I appropriate the beautiful words of the operettas or light papers. "

For those who have read his" Inferno, "it might also be surprised by the strength of this other evidence, to the way that, delves into the bowels of a life marked by fire by psychosis and relapse, his comings and goings. But without being as brutal and fast-paced, self-stimulation also the sharpest frenzy within us and that only a privileged few know distill without change the course to the involvement or mere irony. If insanity is playing a piano with almost all the broken strings and those who have resisted to improvise, to Strindberg gave an accurate time to spin jam session with them all. Madness, that way of living the truth as light tackle, was the extension to auto-open heart dissection reserved our author-sensitive and anecdotal for the poem, incisive for staging-in some downtime, to display his close irritability and, incidentally, written dejárnosla.

"Case of a madman" talks about his exhausting and excruciating relationship with his first wife, his regrets, recriminations, suspicion, regret, futile outbursts and re-start. The Bible agnostic remorse (feeling that everything is named in the book as a merciless note) which, as occurred later in "Inferno", feelings of guilt, belligerence, self-immolation and dignity are mixed with the persecution complex an ally that will increasingly present in their daily fictionalized. Help make sure that happiness is a short song that we hear half drunk that day and each passing year We have more difficulty hum. Among the straws of misogyny and self-affirmation of being impetuous niche hesitation and weakness in transformation of social and sexual conventions, is the first installment of a serialized autobiography evening nothing that preys even with the pointer and has the audacity of self-affirmation by the way, as if one walked with the head held high, improperly dressed, in the middle of a place surrounded by crumbling buildings and populated by gamblers existential soul take you around every corner.


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