Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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LAST 3 FUNCTIONS CRITICAL "crown of glory"

Critica by Charly Borja. Http://

experimental theater work that mixes drama, body language and song, with a frenetic pace to tell a story reminiscent at times chaotic the viewer in the lives of Argentines "not to blame but pork is the one who feeds him. "

photos by charly borja 2011 - Copyright ©

"crown of glory" proposed by several loose boxes and chaotic kind of "chaos theory" and that, slowly with the passage of the work are arming some crazy puzzle pieces and sarcastic. With a background
clearly freaky, where various characters appear of life in Argentina in their graves, as if to disrupt the viewer through their rotten and sordid presence saying 'you are seated in the audience in part have created me. "

photos by charly borja 2011 - Copyright ©

The various tables that follow are an interesting amalgam of acting and singing, with the inclusion of some strange songs underlying beauty of bizarre and hilarious situations that border the theatrical anarchy.

"crown of glory" is a plea for credulity Argentines, who heard anything from anyone and sometimes the digest as a true and also reminds us that certain creatures if they got to where they came is because somehow we have nurtured to grow and persist ...

highly recommended work for experimental theater lovers, here you will find in your sauce with a special menu that the restless Alejandro Genes prepared for their guests .

An interesting play written proposal by the triad formed by Alejandro Genes, Cesar Arakaki and Agustín del Valle and directed by Alejandro Genes.


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