Friday, April 29, 2011

Dunking Tank Mechanics

Those who created incised or embossed forms, from which the imprints left, gave a series of clues to the past. It also forms Mail give clues to the delivery of mail to the holder. Xalapa, in the Sculpture Garden under the direction of maestro Manuel Velazquez, received eight Brazilian artists to demystify the canons of the media, change the format flat / two-dimensional, historical-political narrative and figurative, to mention only some of the characteristics of the prints to be exhibited from 18 May 2011.

Since catalogs, documents, allowed to settle here that "the current eight" has been preceded by a very good exhibition will travel to different Brazilian Mexico City three years ago but found no echo in the spaces presented Xalape├▒os. That, with more participants, curated and production-director Eduardo Bezen Gravura Gallery Brasileira, "and with the collaboration of the artist Sheila Goloborotko, closed a chapter. The following makes you feel the razor's edge of the second decade of the century. In one version

This exhibition is not traditional, is demanding and refined, is risky and inhabits the boundaries of the discipline incorporating the Polytechnic. It involves: Monica Barki, Paulo Carapunarlo, Sheila Goloborotko, Kika Levy, Claudio Mubarac, Laerte Ramos, Augusto Sampaio and Maria Villares. Authors of different styles and generations that contribute to this international dialogue / Latin Xalapan its debut on the stage and then roam.

Brazil in the contemporary critical debate fuels the discussion about art. Until 15 years ago, the noted artists of that country did not seek international eyes. In every conversation, you heard the naive statement of all locally-focused products from rice to the beach, from literature to the industry, "... the best in the world." Without political nationalism but intensely love their land, Brazilian artists have been producing significant works in all branches of visual arts. The modern trans turned to accept the 'out', leaving his beloved country. In the second paragraph judgments about the changes that "the current eight" offers. Art critic and curator, every time you express an opinion should come from research, study, comparison and discussion. The result are obvious.
Curator Graciela Kartofel


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