Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Does A Ring On A Mans Pinky Mean?

# 34 # 33 # 32 Alice

wave of pleasure, the time to meet all the needs in the company of sunlight suddenly ended his imaginary life. I am warm, I would say even that it melts and melt at exactly the same time when the window is in chaos. Wind carelessly grabs the last notes of a winter album, billions of raindrops crashing to a concrete floor. Suddenly, everything began to shine. Birds otrzepują their pens, people out of their apartments and homes, and the next stage of the earth again begins to grow. Spring colors, smells, feelings from the joyful screaming run out barefoot on wet streets, scattering the joy of his woven baskets. Catch the rocks with bare hands, detrimental, in a sense, still lifes masochistic thoughts go to sleep under a tree. Conscious that I am part, a small splinter of one great community, I decide to zoom in on a piece of dolepiać to himself black colors, shades of snow-white with accessories highlighting the qualities of your body. I'm sitting in a shoe on one clockwise, which indicates the seconds. I use each hop, adding nervously, bazgrząc, creating the next piece of new thought. Has collected quite a large stack of notes, now I need to move them into the trash, and then again to get down to work, until I create this ideal is not.

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