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Critique of "Argentine Companies" by DIE FROM IT.

We returned to La Tertulia in Gallo 826, to see "Die you " written and directed by Alejandro Genes .
The action takes place at the home of Lupe, who sat in a chair, laments the abandonment of Mauro. Beside her, her neighbor tolerate his cries but also tries to counter with realities, seem to feel enormous distress Lupe.
is the betrayal of his neighbor Lupe leading to the brink of despair and leads to plot a revenge out of spite.
is where Lore engages her friend who, in their eagerness to help her decide to hire someone to work with the "dirty little job."
A Brizuela, Lore promises to pay for working at the funeral of two puppies, a task he carries out with urgency in order to collect the money promised.
contradictions and Lore Lupe end showing that nothing is as it is presented and there will come a time when everything was under control, melted down completely.
With a surprise ending, "Die you " shows us a story well told, well acted in the overwhelming love and high the limit of "no reason" is the one and fatal character. The scenery
Alejandro Genes gives a unique ambience to the setting and allows the comings and goings of the characters and the successful use of stage space.
The wardrobe is in charge of Loneliness Buelow and music, Ramiro Cordoba, properly attached to the drama.

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