Monday, November 15, 2010

Mo Panty Sharking Europe


"A mountain that gives the void" - By Silvia Sánchez Urita

"An act like this (suicide) is prepared in the silence of the heart, as well as a great work. The man himself does not know it "Albert Camus" The Myth of Sisyphus

transit generally works topics become topical. Few parts are encouraged to touch taboo subjects, at this time hypersexualized have nothing to do with eroticism but by death. Two young

cited at the top of a mountain to wait for the final. Or abortion.

Who are these two teenagers who just want to end their lives? What led to this determination? Through the dialogues will recount their lives, their loneliness, the incomprehension of the world around them, discrimination think or feel differently.

Thus, we attended the "last day" of him and her, to be impregnable to know and tell secrets. In this way will have their childhood and current transit through a difficult adolescence.

But the work is not merely a collection of anecdotes, but wondered about the meaning of life in this hostile world, and the uncertain future that awaits them. He (Alexander Genes) is a loser, a self-conscious, while it represents an ideal of youth but sadness hides under a layer of makeup.

With a simple set design, only the white rock of the fjord, the piece unfolds with its peaks and plateaus, gaining in intensity towards the end.

The story is based on real news. The author is Igor Bauersima (1964), born in Prague and resident in Switzerland, architect and playwright. Today Norway won the award for best play 2001/2002 issued by the magazine Theater Heute. Being a work of Germanic origin, the work has enough physical actions and not only based on the word.

The actor, Alejandro Genes surprised at his portrayal of teenage "nerd" for their positions, and actress, Sofia Gil performs solidly in his role as young overwhelming. The director is Juan Carlos Ricci, who was able to capture the teen spirit of the characters.


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