Sunday, November 7, 2010

Black Barber Shop Culture


Anybody want to die with me? Two young
Web generation communicate through network. Teen
this generation who live their sad reality completely alone. Disenchanted
. No expectations or ambitions.
This is the story of Julia and Augustus struggle to survive.
Love. Solitude. life. death. friendship. Suicide . Adolescence . relations.
are coupled. are known. are discovered. Joining . End .

- based on real events -

artistic technical specs:

Cast: Alejandro Genes, Sofia Gil.
Dramaturgy: Igor Bauersima
Adaptation Alejandro Genes
Scenery: Leah Spiro
Lighting: Richard Sica Costumes: Leah Spiro
Music: Ramiro Cordoba
Graphic Design: Federico Feliziani
props: Agustin del Valle
Photo: Dana Iris Chierico

Press: Daniel Falcone
Assistant Director: Dolores Perez Demaria
Address: Juan Carlos Ricci

Friday 23 pm. Anserine Theatre. Zelaya Pje 3122. Abasto.


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