Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Do You Put Batteries In The Euro Sealer

Telenovela of the production
De Alejandro Genes, and Fernanda Pleininger Monica Ciccolella.

Address: Alejandro Genes
Production CEO: Fernanda Ciccolella.
Executive Producers: Monica Pleininger.

A new year begins for the Royal Academy of Theater. " Already made the audition and are chosen ten artists who perfected this year.
Director (Mirta Busnelli) will receive along with his secretary (Juan Carlos Ricci) and Professor of Theatre (Luis Ziembrowsky) (photo)
The training will begin immediately, and the demand will to the limit.
Students will train in broad disciplines to develop their full potential.
On the top floor of the academy is the director's daughter (Ana Pauls) enclosed in the academy are no rules, no one can go out at night ... Slowly
students will discover that the academy is not all what they thought of things happen at night, you hear things ...
The maid (Monica Gonzaga) with Celina Font, are the only people in the academy who will care for the children of the dangers lurking in the night of the Royal Academy of Drama.

Cast: Mirta
Busnelli: Sonia
Luis Ziembrowsky: Alan
Celina Font: Claudia
Juan Carlos Ricci: Sergio
Monica Gonzaga: Pilar
Ana Pauls: Clara
Nicole Luis, Agustina


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