Friday, November 5, 2010

How Do U Know If Mucus Is In Ur Stool

The Saddest music in the world (Guy Maddin, 2003) Oblique Strategies

Poor Maddin. May still be dreaming about the reputation of other totemic authors of recent decades. Not in vain Share the dreamlike mood oblique Lynch, Burton's gloomy immediacy or the shameless dramatization of Von Trier. Fetish actresses such as Isabella Rossellini, the taste for more or less absolutely free adaptations of classic "Gothic" as Dracula, or the determination by the city as a body present, throbbing and sullen. Its strategy is to alter contemporary manners and stirring extemporaneous-influenced black and white silent, the golden age of film noir cinephile or 'cultish' by Hans Richter and the dreams that money can buy. Mestizaje film to last Mohicans postmodern art so ferociously that hunted and comatose as cinema of today. Winnipeg

emblem mutant eerie occurrences of Maddin and object of the most caustic ucronia, as will be later in the 'psicodocudrama' self-titled which was good enough to be played by a true legend of film and Ann Savage, the treacherous trickster of the indispensable "Detour" Ulmer, "attracts an odd fringe festival project - " Is this a stable or a concert hall? "- attempt to elucidate the saddest music in the world, with the prosaic hook a necessary and healthy always drunk, more than justified if we are leaving now toughest of the Great Depression. "Sadness is the butt of happiness. Is the show ".

Cruelty pragmatic humor tinged with the bitter humor turbulence kiln where trading with the pain, become currency. Nostalgia, always capricious, of which we are going to laugh at the end even though we, if this can save a beautiful melody, cynical and restorative. Occupy and amputation: sentimental and grotesque music. Parade defenseless characters aside, the other evil, caught up in crazy relationships, struggling and struggling to establish its tragedy and personify a relevant soundtrack to hazy. "This is really sad," .

Maddin's films must be "full effect" , action packed levels and reverse-but somehow "The Saddest" is in this sense of his more laid-scrambling to take place in a feature film Here also, fortunately picked up the old fashioned way.

The saddest music in the world is a tribute to the loss, the missing, which left his soul in the battlefield, no matter how well or how nature is made. Pure entertainment. Be expressed with tribal rhythms or salves, or sing flamenco echoes Thai, Broadway-flavored folk and Balkan laments: World Cup worth it.


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