Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Many Danactive Can U Drink A Day


NORWAY.TODAY CHARLY criticized for BORJA There are some beautiful fjords that are also used as sites for the farewell suicide of their lives. This interesting history of Igor Bauersima, based on real events, manages to catch the viewer by a staging that conveys the loneliness, rebellion and thirst for affection of two young suicide

borja charly's view - October 2010
The director Juan Carlos Ricci was able to achieve a stage show that manages to catch the viewer, placing a functional scenery Leah Spiro and video projection screen in a way that constantly interacts with the actors.

The promising young Sofia Gil Alexander Genes and scenic histrionics up with two people desperate for a sign of affection and emotional restraint lacking at all.

As mentioned, the coldness of the rocks of the Norwegian fjords is enhanced by appropriate lighting by Matthew Sendon who with light and shadow create atmospheres full privacy, especially in the love scene that takes place in a tent in the dark.

Recommended play which always sees a glimmer of hope to prisoners of fate who want to destroy the most precious thing God gave us life.


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