Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Muero de Ti - Dir: Alejandro Genes -
"Revenge burning" - by Silvia Sanchez Urita

The story line would be: "A girl kills her boyfriend because he cheated on her. "
But then the text is going to complicate a story of black humor.
In the first scene, the girl, Lupe, produced a blonde, she confides to her best friend and confidant that Mauro has been unfaithful. Cries, while the phone rings, you never answered. At that time there arises a revealing response that leads to cruel revenge on Mauro Lupe. What will kill and bury in the garden.
But that need accomplices: Lore, your cyber friend anorexic and Brizuela, the boy's video club, who are clumsy, misguided and may even implicate Lupe.
The work is generated in the genre of grotesque black humor, one would believe a story so improbable, but try put the sentence on the Internet and story line will emerge real cases, police or just cries for help teenagers who want to assassinate deceived that once was the object of desire.
is said that the burning passion you can spend more cruel hatred. These characters, in their twenties, but most teens in their attitudes, they will act on this premise. Later, the work overflows with references to horror movies and fantamasgoría. But within a gender-consistent field. The ending is somewhat explanatory, but does not tarnish the clarity of the opening scenes.

The Script and direction are by Alejandro Genes , who have seen above a set of Powers, Eduardo Pavlovsky, in the same room two years ago. Genes Dramaturgy is Tantanian student and this is reflected in the unexpected turns that takes the piece. There is also influenced by the techniques of clowning, to which the audience responds enthusiastically. The scenery is completely minimalist living. The costume depicts each character from its weaknesses.


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