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JEX Write and photograph in the Sculpture Garden

Conference workshop "Recycle to Win" ·
First Children's Festival "Children by nature and art" meant to be a scenario where the children come to the plastic and visual arts, and particularly being a party to generate awareness about the care and preservation of nature ecology and the environment.
During the First Children's Festival Children for Nature and Art that takes place in the Sculpture Garden of the Veracruz Institute of Culture will give a conference-workshop

now live in a time of great environmental degradation due to anthropogenic causes, ie all those phenomena that were produced by human hands, the most important we can mention the environmental pollution caused in large measured by the large amount of garbage we produce daily.
Unfortunately, in Mexico there is still a culture of recycling of waste that contributes to the welfare of all human beings, so he offers this workshop to discuss the importance of recycling, reduce, reuse, plus separate solid waste we generate daily. Recycle to win
is aimed at young audiences, with the aim of sensitizing children to become aware from a young age about the problems caused to produce as much garbage, water pollution, health problems, pollution of soil, etc. .
With respect to title of the conference, Cajiga Rodrigo Vazquez is a graduate of the biology faculty of the University of Veracruz. He completed some graduate in astrobiology, and environmental education and specialization in environmental technologies for sustainable development at the Institute of Advanced Studies, where he taught the field of phycology in undergraduate ecology and biology I and II, Ecology and the Environment and
selected topics in biology at the college level degree in the Beech. Currently works in the Sculpture Garden of IVEC.
It invites all children from attending this Saturday 30 at about 11:00 am at the conference to win Recycling in
the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa located on Avenida Murillo Vidal s / n.

Cuauhtémoc. CP 91069. Reports to phone 8137753.
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