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with The Macuil in

Concierto de Son Jarocho with The Macuil JEX the

ü A group of young people who innovate with music from Veracruz through a proposal of Son Jarocho in constant improvement, a group who have created their own sounds and a particular sound.

Culture and history that feels and vibrates through the Son Jarocho, this time through the interpretation of The Macuil a set that has the interest that remain present and jarocho Veracruz is cultural evidence. This was presented in concert on Wednesday May 18 at 18:30 pm in the Sculpture Garden for all attendees to enjoy the original and contemporary Son Jarocho.
The Macuil, composed, Emilio Bozzano Azpiri, Saldaña Méndez Román, Sol Palaz Urbina Jimenez Godinez Ulises Serrano Vázquez Domínguez and Marino, who perform music jarocha but fused with other musical trends that enrich their interpretation.
This group discovers and interprets the Son Jarocho of southern Veracruz, harmony Papaloapan basin, plains, coast and the region of Los Tuxtlas, an artistic and cultural mestizo ancestral state . It is noteworthy that The Macuil are from Xalapa, arise in the 2003 with the aim of spreading and preserving the traditional Son Jarocho, but particularly to create new songs are contemporary Jarocho. Formed with family, ie it is a traditional group that is created by generations, as is traditionally done in the Son Jarocho-groups, over time the group has opened to join with others to enrich through other rhythms, genres and musical cultures. The Macuil, is a young man in the Son Jarocho proposal, the style is to experiment with genres such as blues, flamenco, classical music, African, among others, achieving a genre without losing the roots of the traditional Son Jarocho.
All are invited to enjoy a tasty Son Jarocho concert on Wednesday 18 at 18:30 hours and Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Colonia Cuauhtémoc. CP 91069. Reports to phone 8137753. or /.


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