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Can I Get Gauges With Small Ears

Sculpture Garden Veracruz Institute of Culture invites Asian film series matinee Quatre histoires

Sculpture Garden of the Veracruz Institute of Culture
invites Asian cinema series matinee

§ Mood for Love, Salaam Bombay, Kadosh and Hana-bi. Every Sunday of June at 11:00 hours.

occurs in extreme visual beauty of Eastern culture through the screening of four films that exhibit the intense hues of cultures and traditions of Eastern countries, the sample will be screened at the Asian film series matinee in the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa. The first one is: Wishing Amar, Won Kar Wai, who represents the beauty in an exchange of glances, or simply the desire. A film that shows the genius of representing love with slight touches of enormous wealth. Located in Hong Kong in the sixties, Wishing Amar shows us two people who move to the same block buildings and, incidentally, are experiencing a similar situation with their partners, who increasingly see less. This is how Chow, editor of a local newspaper, and Li-zhen, a secretary in an export firm, will begin to make friends. Something that will go over when both face the facts: the wife of him and her husband are having an affair.
Meanwhile Salaam Bombay, tells the story of Krishna is a little on the streets of Bombay. a young age has to survive amid a gallery of characters of the street, among which is loyalty, betrayal, love and all the experiences that make life itself. A history of reflection and rawness. In Kadosh, Meir and Rivka live in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem, have ten years as a couple but can not bear children. Due to tradition and the pressure of the community rabbi, Meir was forced to divorce his wife could not bear him children. Meanwhile, Malka, Rivka's sister, is in love with Yaakov, who decides to leave the community and the decision of the rabbi, Malka is forced to marry Yossef, Rabbi's right arm. If there is an Israeli film that's Thesis Kadosh, Amos Gitai. It is a film that argues for a liberal society that accommodate groups and differing schools of thought in which individuals are able to choose the kind of lives they will live.
Hana-bi, Flores fire, flowers burning, dying flowers, flowers that lie. Yoshitaka Nishi (Takeshi Kitano), Japanese police protagonist of this story has all of his conscience and haunt him until the end. Nishi's life this is not easy, her 4 year old daughter is dead, his wife (Kayoko Kishimoto) has cancer, a colleague killed by their guilt and the other was in a wheelchair for reasons also related attempts suicide. And if that were not enough, he owes money to the yakuza and is now taking longer to return. Therefore, it seems natural that someone like an exploding firework. But if that someone is a character created by Kitano, the explosion will not be too exaggerated but on the contrary, it is very thoughtful, with touches of endearing, punctuated by occasional outbursts of violence that they express part of the personality of the protagonist.
are invited the whole family to enjoy these four films to be screened every Sunday in May at 11:00 pm in the multipurpose room of the Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Reports to mobile 8137753. and /. Free admission.

Asian Film Series
Sunday Matinee

Sunday 5
Wishing love
Dir Won Kar Wai
Hong Kong, 2000

Domingo 12
Salam Bombay
Dir. Mira Nair
India, 1988

Domingo 19
Dir. Amos Gitai
Israel, 1999

Domingo 26
Dir. Takeshi Kitano
Japan, 1997


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