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100 trees 100 children;

Children First Children's Festival for Nature and Art

Under the Children's Festival Children First for Nature and Art, held in the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa Veracruz Institute of Culture, was reached through the program grow together, that 100 children planted 100 trees, contributing to the environment and the global ecosystem. As part of the Children's Day Children's Festival for Nature and Art which took place during the 29 and 30 April and 1 May, it met its goal of creating dialogue between nature, art, landscape, and This time, children who attended the celebration to help, raise awareness and strengthening the ecosystem, so damaged in recent times.

The Children's Festival Children by nature and art continued the tradition of the cultural space dedicated support from a three-dimensional art, environment and land art

, where the creation is is integrated into the landscape by means of expression. On this occasion, intervention children made landscape with sculptures made from elements of nature, celebrated with piñatas, cake and candy, also strengthened their visual language through clay and painting workshops and painting intervention sculpture "The world is a cow or the dream of Newton", in turn were able to approach the ancient knowledge of herbs, and interact with new forms of recycling, they had the puppet show, the symphony orchestra Ciem , and a wide selection of children's films in the marathon children's film, presented the company Xalapa who contributed to the arts, culture and entertainment, among a long list of activities that took place over three days. Undoubtedly the first Children's Festival Children for Nature and Art linked with a positive attitude and critical children to weather changes and strengthened the art related to the importance of caring for the environment and nature Median, and to establish ties among families who lived and celebrated children's day with harmony and comprehensive knowledge. We invite all families to enjoy a tour of the facilities Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Colonia Cuauhtémoc. CP 91069. Reports to phone 8137753.
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