Monday, May 16, 2011

Where Are The Rhino V Holo-plans

JEX in the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa

Brazilian Contemporary Engraving in the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa

* An artistic exploration with the Brazilian beauty and intelligence. Representation of the actual movement of the creative consciousness of Brazil through the sample eight artists who exhibit in the space of the Garden.

Under the title of Contemporary Brazilian recorders opens the sample of eight printmakers curated by the art critic Grace Kartofel, this exhibition opens at the premises of the Sculpture Garden Xalapa Veracruz Institute of Culture, from Wednesday 18 May at about 18:00.
This exhibition is not traditional, is demanding and refined, is risky and inhabits the boundaries of the discipline incorporating the Polytechnic. It involves: Monica Barki, Paulo Carapunarlo, Sheila Goloborotko, Kika Levy, Claudio Mubarac, Laerte Ramos, Augusto Sampaio and Maria Villares.
are presented for the first time on stage Xalapan later to make a schedule for other cities, about the proposal, the curator says Graciela Kartofel "Mexico, a country inhabited since ancient times by the stamp on its various expressions, get another that echoes in the twentieth century, the original numbered and their creators. Since pre-Hispanic seals, Posada's engravings and subsequent to the comprehensive record of current recorders we bridge for dialogue with Brazil. Country in which the prints of string, the stamps worked for many Brazilian writers in the twentieth century and recent pictures, state consistency in the terms "
Brazilian Contemporary Engraving, us around the vast panorama of young artists from Brazil where the conceptual component of thought is one of the main features that are transcribed in the work of engraving. So a solid cast of existing artists develop the various languages \u200b\u200bthrough a single technique. "Brazil in contemporary critical debate fuels the discussion about art. Until 15 years, the outstanding artists of that country did not seek international eyes. In every conversation, you heard the naive statement of all locally-focused products from rice to the beach, from literature to the industry, "... the best in the world." Without political nationalism but intensely loving their land , Brazilian artists have been producing significant works in all branches of visual arts, "said Graciela Kartofel.
are invited to the opening of the contemporary Brazilian proposal and l Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Colonia Cuauhtémoc. CP 91069. Reports to phone 8137753. or /.


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