Monday, May 30, 2011

Notre Dame Alpha Kappa Alpha

Garden Sculpture Institute Veracruz Culture
Film Series invites : Quatre histoires French Film

· ; question of taste, Irreversible, 29 Palms and The Pianist. Impressive and moving are the stories of four French films will be screened all Thursday and Saturday at about 18:00 hours during the month of June.

Within cult film series organized by the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa Veracruz Institute of Culture, will be shown four titles that represent much of the best, most award-winning seen in French cinema. The first of these films will be; Question tasteful, situation reveals Frédéric Delamont, a successful businessman who knows the young man in a restaurant waiter Nicolas Rivière and proposes to be, in exchange for a substantial salary, his "taster "particular. Soon, this "professional relationship" will become a dangerous game for both. An unusual gastronomic adventure becomes a dangerous game for two men. Irreversible, film Gaspar Noé, played by Monica Bellucci, tells the story of a woman raped and delusional and desperate for revenge for her boyfriend. A masterpiece and worship, originality is not only that the story is told from end to beginning, but how to shoot and the hardness of your images. It is shocking for the endless stream of rape becomes unbearable. But at times like the strident guitars, Lou Reed, the fierce John Cale viola can be staggering.
While it is clear that Palmas 29 is, among the four films of Bruno Dumont, the freest and robbed and even walking is at the same time, the more deterministic, ideologically speaking. Palmas 29 I also find impeccable in terms of what it shows, a couple so capricious and unpredictable as the wind moves in the desert. One scenario is so open, for this French director means one thing: fear. As if there were to hide from our terrifying insignificance.
Another of the most watched films Pianist, a story which shows the primacy of sex over love, the painful discovery of part of the personality anesthetized Erika operates quietly along the second half of the film, but Haneke is very skilled at installing the cover of everyday, normal. Both are unable to indulge his love of the way you want each one. Despite the unusual way in which events are triggered exclusively sexual, in principle, "Haneke makes the viewer feel at all times the moments that bring fans through exceptional handling time. In short, Pianist is an extreme experience within the realm of melodrama, a new and violent inquisition on the facade of civilization in Europe at the beginning of the century by Michael Haneke, an expert in showing the viewer what he knows but usually there or not like to see.
are invited the whole family to enjoy these four films of the best French movies to be screened every Thursdays and Saturdays in June at about 18:00 pm in the multipurpose room of the Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Reports to mobile 8137753. and /.

Thursday 2 and Saturday 4
question of taste Dir
Bernard Rapp
France, 1999

Thursday 9 and Saturday 11
Dir. Gaspar Noé
France, 2002

Thursday 16 and Saturday 18
29 palms
Dir Bruno Dumont
France, 2003

Thursday 23 and Saturday 25
Dir. Michael Haneke
France - Austria, 2001


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