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The Sculpture Garden Xalapa (IVEC) Celebrates International Museum Day

The Sculpture Garden Xalapa (IVEC) Celebrates International Museum Day

Each year since 1977, is celebrated on May 18 in the world on International Museum Day. The International Museum Day is an opportunity for educate the public about the role of museums in the development of society.
Museums in the memories and stories. Objects held in their collections essential to the memory of the communities in which we live. Such objects are an expression of our natural and cultural heritage. Many of them are fragile, several are in danger, and all need special care and conservation. Therefore, it was decided that the theme for International Museums Day in 2011 is "Museums and Memory." The International Museum Day 2011 will be an opportunity to discover and rediscover our individual and collective memories.
For us, the International Museum Day is an occasion to encourage initiatives that promote JEX, aimed at strengthening the three-dimensional art and its relationship with nature, also trying to draw the attention of scholars, artists, theorists and general public towards the roles and JEX proposals, to increase dialogue between professionals and across disciplines or specialties.
Knowing the spirit that motivated the founding of the "International Museum Day" that reads: "Museums are an important tool for cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and the advancement of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples. " This month, from Friday 13 to Friday 27 May, the JEX has organized the following activities:
Friday 13 May at 17:00 hours, conference "Jarocho musicians from where they are? "An overview of the history of the Son Jarocho. Delivered by Andres Barahona Londoño.
Saturday 14 May at 12:00 hours, conference "Herbs for common diseases of women." Taught by Irma Hernandez.
Wednesday, 18 May, 12:00 , Conference "Brazilian contemporary printmaking," given by: Graciela Kartofel (curator) and Monica Sheila Goloborotko Barki (visual artists). Contents: a) Introduction to the exhibition curator for JEX. b) Images commentary by the artists. c) Questions about tipping points to reach what they do now in the picture. d) References to the 1st. stamping meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Faculty of Arts UV plastic, Arts Unit, Belisario Domínguez.
Wednesday, 18 May, 18:00 , opening exhibitions:
1. Gulf Winds, Yossi Anaya, in the framework of the Sixth Biennial of Contemporary Textile (Main Gallery).
2. Eight recorders contemporary Brazilian, Augusto Sampaio, Claudio Mubarac, Kika Levy, Laerte Ramos, Maria Villares, Monica Barki, Paulo Carapunarlo, Sheila Goloborotko. Curated Graciela Kartofel (JEX Multipurpose Hall).
3. Resources "Light" collective video Latinoamericano, Nayarí Castle, Iván Navarro, Lucia Warck-Meister. Curated by Graciela Kartofel (JEX Chamber of video art).
Wednesday, 18 May, 18:30 , Macuil concert, Son Jarocho.
Thursday May 19, 1912 hours, conference: Curated and mounting exhibitions. Graciela Kartofel (JEX Multipurpose Hall). Contents: the role of the curator. And museum curatorship. Concept and curator tools. Limitations of curating and museology: the need for the downsizing. The curator as support for a good exposure. Community, public and media. Promotion and dissemination. The cultural event turned into dialogue with the community. Target audience: students and graduates from visual arts or visual arts, artists, professionals or amateurs who wish to deepen the curator of exhibitions, cultural managers and promoters, managers of cultural, art theorists and scholars, and anyone interested in organizing exhibitions.
Friday, May 20, 17:00 pm conference "The children's song as a teaching tool." The interactive method Sing it! Taught by Barahona Andrés Londoño.
Friday, May 27, 17:00 pm conference "Origin and Development of the tenth Spinel." The fourteen countries farmers. The case of Veracruz. Taught by Andres Barahona Londoño.
Free admission to all events .
Sculpture Garden Xalapa (IVEC), Murillo Vidal s / n. Reports to your 8137753


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