Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Women Sitting On A Man's Chest

film series: Visions of Japan

Sculpture Garden of the Veracruz Institute of Culture

Film Series invites the

Sunday Matinee

Memories Antonia, Delicatessen, The Piano and An enlightened life
; selection of art films that are projected every Sunday of the month of May at about 11 am in the Sculpture Garden. FREE ENTRY.

Caesar won the French Film Academy, for best first film best original screenplay, best decorated and best editing. A black comedy film Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro tells the story of Louison (Dominique Pinon) a retired clown one day comes to a mysterious house in a vast wasteland stands an old building inhabited by people rather strange customs, which has only one concern: food. The owner is a butcher who has a peculiar settlement in the low block. There comes a new tenant who works in the circus and will alter the lives of the eccentric community that inhabits it. A film to enjoy the humor and French philosophy.
Within the month's selection of films will be presented Antonia's
Gorrish directed by Marlen, the film tells the story of Antonia, who is looking through the window has been reflected and realized that it is time to die after 20 years returns to his hometown with her daughter Danielle, who is with the death of his mother, taking her to relate to the lives of other characters that are marked by a patriarchal education, sharing not only the bread and wine, but the pains, joys and even hatred. The events revolve around women against a male world. Antonia decides to banish her life surrounded by his family members move in the complex game of life.
Faced with stories of extreme educations can not put aside the history:
The Piano,

a poetics of music and the emotions that are located in the year 1851. Tells the story of Ada, a woman who is mute since childhood, and recently widowed from a marriage established that the obligation to leave his native Scotland and travel to New Zealand, accompanied by her daughter and her piano. There she met her future husband, a prosperous farmer, who refuses to bring home the piano. Abandoned on the beach, the instrument will be rescued by a neighbor, which sets a strange pact with Ada, he will use his piano to change that she is left untouched. A story that has shocked all those who have stepped in history and context.

In conclusion, it is displayed An enlightened life. Jonathan is a collector but not in any order, but things related to your family photos, locks of hair, false teeth of his dead grandmother, and each of its objects hangs on a wall crowded with family bags. Just before he died, his grandmother gives him a picture of her husband with a venue, date and name of a woman writing on the back. Then, far away, in Odessa, Ukraine, a family dinner and discuss how almost every family in the world. Grandpa and Alex, the eldest son are sent to receive a Jewish American tourist dollars paid to visit the village where their ancestors lived, that it is the family business. The American is, of course, Jonathan, rising terrified the small car driven by his grandfather, who claims to be blind, with his guide dog named Sammy Davis Junior Junior and a boy who must have their age, tall and blond, dressed as a black man from the Bronx in the eighties. So begins a journey to find the people that does not appear on maps, where the woman lived Nazi who saved Jonathan's grandfather.

are invited the whole family to enjoy these four films to be screened every Sunday in May at 11:00 pm in the multipurpose room of the Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Reports to mobile 8137753. and /. Free admission.


May 8 Delicatessen Dir Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro France, 1991 May 15
Antonia's Dir Marleen Gorris Netherlands, 1996
May 22 The Piano
Dir Jane Champion Australia, New Zealand, 1993
May 29 An enlightened life Liev Schreiber Dir
United States, 2005


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