Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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JEX Conference" herbal applied some conditions of women's diseases "in the Sculpture Garden

Conference "herbal applied some conditions of women's diseases" in the Sculpture Garden

· plants have healing properties for millennia have been applied to all types of ailments of the human being, this time will focus on the benefits of the female body.

Currently it is considered that the herbalist is one of the smart and natural ways to care for the health and beauty, while improving the quality of human life. On this occasion the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa Veracruz Institute of Culture opens its doors to the conference "The herbal applied some conditions of the diseases of women" by Irma Hernandez midwife will take place this Saturday 14 May in about 12 hours.
The talk will focus on applied herbal women to learn about implementation of botany, as well as display properties and healing powers are vast diversidad de plantas y hierbas que se tienen a la mano. En los últimos tiempos se ha regresado a las prácticas naturales con remedios herbales, o la homeopatía, evitando la medicina ortodoxa, es decir alopatía, ya que muchas personas consideran que su salud la pueden mantener con terapias naturales que no dañan otros órganos como ocurre con algunos medicamentos ortodoxos.
En esta ocasión la plática se brinda a las mujeres que en su cotidianidad y actividades múltiples buscan una alternativa natural que les permitan organizar con su ritmo de vida, y eliminar algunos padecimientos comunes como los síntomas relacionados con el síndrome premenstrual, dolores musculares y de ovaries, chronic fatigue, uncontrolled hormonal, weight gain or loss, blotchy face, osteoporosis, migraines, nervousness, swelling and water retention, menopause, among a long list of ailments that can be cured or treated with herbal medicine.
The conference will be the midwife shit Irma Hernandez, who specializes in botany and natural treatments. We invite all women to approach natural remedies and herbal knowledge of this Saturday May 14 at point 12 hours facilities Sculpture Garden located in Murillo Vidal s / n. Colonia Cuauhtémoc. CP 91069. Reports to phone 8137753. or /.


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