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Wording For Ring Ceremony

Plant a tree in your imagination. Then dreams of growing

Plant a tree in your imagination. Then dreams of growing
Arbor Day Festival in the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa (IVEC)
6 to July 10, 2011

You have to plant a tree in the imagination.
dream Then it grows.
After pet
then wait
and contemplate
When hitting the stem with an open hand
metal ring at
time will come
your hands be placed on the Earth
to see it grow
and caress
until the day comes
in that when tapped with your hand open
sound like metal.
Efraín Bartolomé
Singing the triumph of earthly things

The Arbor Day is a reminder of the importance of protecting woodlands. The festival "Planting a tree in your imagination. Then dream that grows ", to mark Arbor Day provides an area for development art and environmental awareness. Aims to foster an appreciation for artistic expression related to nature. Will feature artistic interventions in JEX green areas, landscaping and gardening exhibition, workshops, herbal medicine, ecology, biology, gardening, cinema and video, music and exhibitions of ceramics, sculpture and printmaking. The Festival will run from 6 to July 10, 2011, five consecutive days, morning and afternoon sessions, with complementary activities. This event is aimed at all age groups.
conveners Institutions
State Government of Veracruz, Veracruz Institute of Culture, Veracruz Institute for Rural Development.
Garden sculptures Xalapa (IVEC).
The Sculpture Garden is a cultural space located within the cloud forest known as cloud forest, named for frequent fogs and high humidity. This ecosystem, fragile, has a wealth and diversity of species both plant and animal, being the world's ecosystems has more endemic species. On the other hand, is an ecosystem that captures more water per hectare, as well as large amount of carbon. Despite the environmental services it provides, due to excessive logging, changing land use, agriculture, among other human activities, have lost large tracts of forest in the country, currently holds only 1% the surface.
With the slogan "Plant a tree in your imagination. Then he dreams that grows "the Sculpture Garden of Xalapa (IVEC) and Doña Falla Park have organized a week of activities related to Arbor Day to be held from 6 to 10 July. This event adds to the initiative of creating a cultural corridor in the triangle JEX-MIX-Doña Falla, as a work activity within the framework recently launched by two of these three spaces. The aim is to update a celebration "Arbor Day" having a major impact on the general population.
The Festival "Planting a tree in your imagination. After growing dreams, "has as its backbone the targets set in the Earth Charter . The event aims to articulate a series of actions aimed at introducing concepts that promote the relationship between art and nature, using territorial framework JEX green area. The focus of the project is the creation of ephemeral artworks, exhibitions landscaping at selected sites of JEX, without damaging the environment, collecting the experiences of land art, public art and other behaviors that have used heterogeneous territory or nature as a pretext for artistic creation.
The JEX is one of its objectives to bring visitors to your collection and temporary exhibitions it houses. So it seeks to understand contemporary art to the general public and It is performed throughout the festival free guided tours. Specific activities will be designed for children and adults. These activities focused on the collection of JEX, nature, fine art and contemporary sculpture, opting for open and participatory methodology that offers children and adults the tools necessary for understanding and analyzing the work of art by fun and practical approach.
also conduct a marathon of film and video, workshops, gardening, ecology, biology and herbs and planting a hundred trees in the program will grow together. "
disseminate and promote Arbor Day, with the intention of creating awareness of environmental problems.
All public interested in art and nature.
Five days
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.
Dates: 6 to July 10, 2011
Free admission.
generated activities on this day are very varied:
1. hundred Planting trees under the "growing together." The festival "Planting a tree in your imagination. Then dream that grows " is to plant trees belonging to the cloud forest, to sensitize children and adults about the importance of protecting the forests of this type, as well as create awareness in the care of the environment. This activity will contribute to the conservation of montane forest. In this way we contribute to building respect and appreciation for trees and wildlife species that inhabit this small forest within the JEX, contributing to the conservation of local biodiversity.
Openings: Wednesday, July 6, closing Sunday 21 August.
1. -memory image, Mariana Graciela Olio del Campo, curator Manuel Velazquez.
2. CENTRE CHOC joins nomade exposition de l'Atelier Presse Papier, Engraving Quebec, Canada.
3. Frontera, Mónica Hernández. Intervention in nature.
4. Anima Mundi, collectively chart.
5. Bestiary, Herman Seedorf, sculptures.
6. Exhibition landscaping.
Conferences: to be defined.
Workshops: to be defined.
plays and music: to be defined.
Reading the Earth Charter .

Sculpture Garden Xalapa (IVEC)
Av Murillo Vidal s / n. Col. Cuauhtémoc
CP. 91060. Xalapa, Veracruz
Tel 01 228 8137 753


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